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Business A Guide To Using Essential Oils

A Guide To Using Essential Oils


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Using aromatherapy essential oils is an area of fascination for many people, so it makes sense to dispel the mystery surrounding them and make known the basic ways of using them to get the best out of them with this Essential oils Manufacturer guide.

Techniques of using essential oils: A typical guide will tell you that there are three techniques of using essential oils:

Inhalation: By inhaling the aromas of these oils, the senses are heightened and can trigger several body responses. Inhalation can be done in these ways:

  • Smell the aromas of essential oils.
  • Using an oil diffuser in different parts of your home by adding specific aromatherapy oils to them, depending on what positive benefit you want-perhaps, peace, love, happiness, success. Don’t fill the air with the scents of these oils as they can irritate you and certainly not if you have a baby under two years old as it could irritate his or her eyes.
  • Fill a humidifier with water. Place a tissue with a few drops of oil on it in front of the steam escaping from the humidifier.
  • Pour hot water into the bowl and add a few drops of oil to it. Cover your head with a large towel and inhale the aroma slowly.

Topical application: An essential oils guide is incomplete if it doesn’t talk about the technique of topical application. These oils are applied to directly to the painful area on the skin. They can be applied to the forehead, temples, neck, upper back, abdomen, feet, and ankles. One form of topical application is massage.

For best results, cedar, pine or lavender oils can be used as massage oil. Before use, these oils should be diluted in carrier oil, because it is thick and not suitable to be used as a massage oil on its own. The oil should be rubbed in gently to enjoy the relaxation benefits of aromatherapy.

Internal consumption: Essential oils are taken internally when you need some large-scale physical support for a particular health problem or for general body maintenance. For good health, you can try drinking grapefruit. By this method, the healing properties of these oils enter your body and give you the relief you need.

Before you use any oil, check that the FDA has certified it GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). Also, check the quality and purity levels. You can take aromatherapy oils internally by adding a drop of it to a glass of water or teaspoon of honey. For an upset stomach, add peppermint to water, or put it under your tongue to fight cold and as a breath-freshener. You can also add grapefruit to your water if you want to get rid of your chocolate cravings.

Essential oils guide tips:

  • Start small. Use only a few drops initially and depending on how you feel, continue with a few more drops.
  • Use only the purest of oils.
  • If you are epileptic or have high blood pressure, speak to your doctor before buying essential oils, especially sage, rosemary and basil.

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