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How to Make a Housing Disrepair Claim


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If you’re in need of assistance in pursuing a housing disrepair claim, then you may want to consider working with a solicitor or an expert team. The team at Disrepair Claim knows what it takes to make a successful claim. These experts can help you determine the exact cause of your disrepair and will prepare a case that is sure to succeed.

Common types of housing disrepair

Tenants can make a housing disrepair claim if they feel that their landlord is not doing a good job of maintaining their property. These issues are more common in social houses, but they can occur in all types of rented property. In most cases, liability for housing disrepair issues falls on the landlord, owner, or agency that controls the property. It is up to these individuals to ensure that the property is safe and habitable for the tenants.

In addition to ensuring that their properties are in good condition, landlords must also follow a health and safety code of conduct. If a landlord fails to do so, their negligence could lead to personal injury or illness.

Compensation for discomfort

If you are renting a property and it is in disrepair, you can claim compensation from the landlord. This can be in the form of cash or a refund of the rent. The amount of compensation you can receive depends on the extent of the disrepair and the length of time you were inconvenienced by it. For example, if your property’s drains are blocked or the gutters are not clear, you can claim for the inconvenience. The same applies if the property’s heating system is not functioning or has broken down.

It is essential that you gather as much evidence as you can to prove that the property is in disrepair. This may include photos of damaged areas or mould patches. You may also want to gather receipts for replacements of items that were damaged. If you’re not able to gather evidence of the disrepair, you can ask an independent housing advocate to investigate your claim.

Temporary rehousing costs

If your house is in a state of disrepair, you may be able to make a claim for the cost of temporary rehousing. These expenses are usually borne by the landlord. However, if you are a tenant, you must be sure to pay the rent before moving out.

Limitation period

If you are filing a claim for housing disrepair lawyers , you must do so before the expiry of the limitation period. In most cases, the limitation period is six years from the time that you first became aware of the problem, or reported it to your landlord. Failing to file your claim within this time frame will mean that your claim will be barred. In some cases, however, you may be able to extend the period if you were aware of the issue prior to filing the claim.

The court will consider the time frame in determining the amount of compensation you can recover for housing disrepair. You must first provide your landlord with notice that the housing disrepair has been ongoing for six years. You must also provide documentation of your repeated requests for repairs. In addition, you must demonstrate that you have notified the landlord of the issue at least three times. This will help the court to put you in the same position as you would have been in if you’d been able to fix the problem yourself.

Contacting a solicitor

If you have noticed a problem with your property, it may be worth getting legal advice. Most landlords are legally obliged to carry out repairs within a reasonable time, and if they fail to do so, you may be able to claim compensation.

Before you can make a claim, you should gather evidence of the problem. Keep any stains, mould, or damaged windowpanes as proof. If you can find eyewitnesses to the incident, these can also strengthen your claim.

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